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Wubbzy's Animal Coloring

This is an AS3 AIR IDE project targeting the iOS and Android platforms. Originally Wubbzy games had a colouring book feature but it was fairly simplistic. Paint bucket fill only. My job was to make a standalone colouring book with lots of features. So essentially a total recode. Almost nothing of the original colouring book is left in tact.

There's lots of bitmap data manipulation being done for the drawing as well as the save data, undos, and camera roll output. Another portion of the save data is loaded/saved using XML.

The tutorial system is very dynamic and is it's own object that the main gameplay checks with before doing or allowing anything. There were a number of steps that were ultimately taken out of the tutorial system as per request of the powers that be. However since I built it so flexibly it was simply a matter of commenting out or removing a line or two per step. That being said, I need to mention the tutorial system in this app is a child class of a more generic tutorial system I wrote. That way with each new colouring book one can mold the tutorial to the specific app as I totally expect future changes and additions to the colouring books. Futher more could be addapted to any game period.

Unfortunately due to an NDA I'm unable to say much more about the development of this game, nor am I permitted to show code snippits.

If you like, you may check out the app yourself on your Android device here and your iOS device here.